Tally Prime, the latest version of Tally, a popular accounting and business management software is designed to help businesses manage their accounting efficiently.

The recent Tally Prime Software Price adjustment shows Tally Solutions’ efforts to improve the software’s features and support services.

The price update which has been rolled out represents a 25% increase from previous prices. Revising the tally plans is crucial for maintaining high-quality standards and continuing to deliver advanced financial management solutions.

This blog delves into the latest pricing details of tally prime software price in India and what additional features businesses can expect in the updated version.


Tally Prime Software Pricing Update

In 2024, Tally Solutions updated the pricing for Tally Prime software to enhance user experience and support ongoing innovation. So, starting from February 10th, 2024, the new tally prime software prices are INR 22,500 for a Single User and INR 67,500 for Multi-User licenses, excluding GST.


Key Features of Tally Prime Software

Tally Prime comes with a bunch of features to make managing accounts and business operations easier:

i). Modern Look and Easy to Use: The new design is simple and makes it easy to find what you need every time.

ii). Access Anywhere: You can securely check your Tally data from anywhere as Tally Prime is now available on cloud.

iii). Digital Signatures: Make sure your invoices are legit with electronic signatures which makes them more authentic.

iv). GST for Different States: You can handle GST filing easily if your business operates in different states, in respect of in-ward and out-ward supplies.

v). WhatsApp Connected: For even more convenience, you can also share documents quickly through WhatsApp integration with tally.

vi). Graphs for Insights: Visualize your business stats to help make smart decisions.

vii). Personal Support: Get help that’s tailored to your business needs.


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Q1. How much does Tally cost per year?

Tally Prime yearly plan pricing starts at Rs 22,500 (Silver Plan) for the single user and Rs 67,500 (Gold Plan) for Multi-User, excluding GST, with updates and additional services available through Tally Software Services (TSS).

Q2. Is Tally Prime a one-time purchase?

No, Tally Prime follows a licensing model with upfront costs for software acquisition and optional annual subscriptions for Tally Software Services (TSS) for updates and support.