Solutions/ Pharmaceutical




  • Approval & Rejection of Materials by Quality Control
  • Label Printings from the system
  • A R No. assigning against various batches.
  • Stock Status such as Quarantine, Rejection, Approved
  • Stock issues based on system generated requisition as per standard formulas.
  • Validations on issue of expired based material & as per FEFO (First Expired First Out)
  • A.R.No. Status
  • Retesting of Materials as per Retest Over Due Report

You are aware that for any Pharmaceutical ERP, compliance with GMP & FDA requirement considered as prime importance. Though 21 CFR Part II has been launched, many companies yet to tackle its practical implementation. User-friendly GSeven’s ERP Solution is compliant to all statutory regulation & as per the guidelines of 21CFR Part II and it is quick to implement.

  • Conversion of various grades on approval of Quality Control
  • Excess Return from Production, Material Transfers & Stock Adjustment
  • Additional Requisition of materials for Producton.
  • Issues for Job Work & Return (Third Party Job Work)
  • Stock Goods in Process
  • Production Delivery to various stages & BSR
  • Cost Estimation
  • ATR (Analytical Test Report) & FPRR (Finished Product Release Report) from the system