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We provide servers virtually dedicated to your organization. Get 24 x 7 access to the information across all the users simultaneously.  

Manage your large, small or medium enterprise, keeping your accounting data on Cloud Server. We Will provide you the real-time business data collaboration using TallyPrime.

What is Tally On Cloud.

Tally on Cloud typically refers to a cloud-based hosting solution for the popular accounting software known as Tally. Tally  is a widely used accounting and financial management software in India and several other countries.

Here’s what Tally on Cloud generally means:

  1. Cloud Hosting: Instead of running Tally on a local computer or a company’s own server, it is hosted on servers provided by a cloud service provider. This allows users to access Tally from anywhere with an internet connection.

  2. Remote Access: Tally on Cloud enables remote access to the software. Users can log in and use Tally from different devices, such as computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones, regardless of their physical location.

  3. Data Backup and Security: Cloud hosting providers often offer data backup and security features, which can be beneficial for businesses looking to protect their financial data.

  4. Scalability: Cloud-based Tally solutions can often be scaled up or down based on the needs of the business. This flexibility allows businesses to pay for the resources they use and adjust them as necessary.

  5. Collaboration: Multiple users can collaborate on Tally data simultaneously through the cloud, which is especially useful for businesses with multiple team members involved in accounting and financial tasks.

  6. Reduced IT Infrastructure Costs: Using Tally on Cloud can reduce the need for a dedicated IT infrastructure and maintenance, as the hosting provider takes care of server maintenance and updates.

  7. Automatic Updates: Cloud-based Tally solutions often receive automatic updates and patches, ensuring that users always have access to the latest features and security enhancements.

Some of the key benefits are:
1)  Work on Tally and other applications like Word, Excel, etc.
2)  Work from any device like desktop, laptop, mobile devices like IPhone, IPad, etc.
3)  100% dedicated to your organization only. You can use this for your multiple branches also.
4)  Work on normal broadband connection and get speed like working on a local PC.
5)  No heavy hardware cost.

Centralised And Secure Access Of Tally Anytime, Anywhere With Gseven Cloud Services.

 An affordable software that compiles and stores your data in one place. Don’t let unstable internet connections disrupt your work; access your data from any location or device anytime. Get auto backup and highly optimized and lightweight real-time data in no time. To read more about Tally on cloud check out our blog on 15 Benefits Of Tally On Cloud For Small Businesses


Additional Tally Services

– Tally Support

– Tally Implementation

– Tally Data Synchronization


Experience Freedom and Flexibility with Tally on Cloud by Gseven

Prepare to upgrade your accounting experience and transform with Geven’s Tally On Cloud Services in Delhi. We are your reliable companion for Tally Prime On Cloud Services in Delhi to boost your business growth and eliminate challenges. Tally On Cloud Price starts with a very affordable and competitive range to bring efficiency in business management with the power of cloud-based technology.

Our Unique Blend:

i). Cloud Mastery: Our skilled professionals create the best cloud service for your Tally requirements.

ii). Delhi’s Top Choice: We are the best at offering Tally On Cloud service to every type of business operating in economic sectors.

iii). Your Cloud, Your Rules: Customize your Tally on Cloud setup to fit the specific way your business works.

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FAQs regarding Gseven Tally Prime on Cloud Services in Delhi

Q1. What are Tally Cloud Server Services in Delhi?

Gseven provides Tally Cloud Server Services in Delhi. These services allow businesses to use Tally Prime on the cloud. It is a reliable cloud-based service (means 100% digital storage on internet) that offers easy tally software access and safeguards data.

Q2. Why Choose Tally Prime on Cloud Services in Delhi?

Choosing Tally Prime On Cloud Services in Delhi allows your business to access Tally data from anywhere. It saves expenditure on IT expenses. It also makes your business data more secure and helps your team work together better.

Q3. What’s the Tally on Cloud Price in Delhi?

To get the best and competitive prices for cloud-based tally software service contact our sales team at 011-47612345 or email- contact@gseven.in. If you want our representatives to call you kindly fill the contact form in Contact us’ page. Our team will help you find a suitable plan according to your requirements.

Why Gseven Is The Best Tally Cloud Provider For Your Business

 Tally 5star Partner
• Provide Tally support with Cloud services.
• Over 19Years of Experience with over 20000+ Customer Base.
• Highest Selling Add-ons on Tally Shop are Developed by Gseven.
• 50+ Trained and Skilled Staff for support.

 Some Of The Key Benefits Of Tally On Cloud Are : –


*Access From Anywhere

Access from Office, Branch and Home, free of any kind of tensions.

*Any Device

Access from Windows, Mac, Desktop, Laptop, Mobile devices like iPhone, IPad, etc.

*Any Time

Work on Tally 24×7 from Anywhere.

*Centralized Data

Centralized data which can be accessible from anywhere-anytime-any device.

*High Speed

Work on normal broadband connection and get speed like working on a local PC


High level of data security and privacy.

19 Years Of Experience With Over 20000+ Customer Base.

• Tally 5star Partner
• Provide Tally support with Cloud services.
• Highest Selling Add-ons on Tally Shop are Developed by Gseven.
• 50+ Trained and Skilled Staff for support.