School Management

Solutions/ School Management

  • Manage student profile
  • Recording monthly attendance and reports
  • Manage fees and outstanding reports
  • Manage mark/grade for user defined tests/exams and mark-sheet printing

Detailed Features

  • Easy to configure
  • Student Bio data (name, address, DOB, last school attended, parents details, etc.)
  • Student Monthly Attendance
  • Birthday Alarm
  • User Defined Tests (Term/Unit)
  • User Defined Subjects (Group Subject as well as Individual Subjects e.g. Maths as a group subject & Maths I & Maths II as individual subject)
  • Printing of Bonafide Certificate, Leaving Certificate
  • Student Result Report generation
  • Class wise Analysis of Mark list
  • Subject wise – Student wise – Division wise Mark List analysis
  • Toppers List Report
  • Student Fees (Individual as well as for entire class/ standard)
  • Creation of classes / divisions
  • Creation of Subjects per class / division
  • Shifting of individual student to different class / division