Bulk Drugs & Chemicals

Utmost user friendly Solution for Bulk Drugs & Chemical Manufacturers with specific Gateway to Purchase; Stores & Quality Control; Production & Quality Assurance; Sales; dispatch etc, which can support requirements of Food & Drugs Administration & ISO

Salient Features

  • Caters to Batch processing / Continuous manufacture
  • Pre-set Bill of materials with due consideration for Assay variance at intermediates / finished goods levels
  • Chain Controls from Purchase Order to Receipts at Quarantine & On line Quality Controls & move approved stocks to Stores
  • Defining the Production Process & admeasure Manufacturing loss at user defined levels
  • Chain Controls from Vender Order to Order Confirmation , Dispatch & On-line Invoicing at Confirmed Rates
  • Defining Vendor / Customer Specific Items


  • Approval of materials completes accounting of liability & stock valuation
  • Specific Bill passing by Authorized user to make the supplier bill payable
  • Expense / Job Work orders & passing of bills only against the same
  • On-line Excise Accounting avoids the unwarranted Excise Reconciliation
  • Provisions for closing of Accounts made easy by providing pending list of Materials under approval, pending order list etc


  • User defined Security even up to Transaction Level to ensure only authorized user creates, approves or prints transaction reports
  • Synchronization of data with various locations using the internet
  • .NET Capabilities allows even remote access for travelling executives & Auditors
  • Control Centre enables the user to centrally configure and administer Tally installed at various locations