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The Housing Society Solutions on TallyPrime cover the major features like Member DataBase Management Monthly / Quarterly / Half-Yearly Bill Generation, Receipts and Payments,Computation of Interest on Late Payments and related MIS Reports


Enhanced Key Features:

“Discover the powerful features that streamline your housing society management effortlessly:

  1. Rapid Setup: Effortlessly set up essential Account heads and Society details for swift initiation.
  2. Flexible Account Heads: Create Account heads under both ‘Income’ and ‘Liability’ groups to tailor your financial structure.
  3. Member Details Management: Navigate a dedicated screen for seamless creation and alteration of member details.
  4. Excel Integration: Members and their charges can be conveniently created through Excel integration using our Import utility.
  5. Automated Billing: Bills are auto-generated for all members with interest calculated during bill generation. Choose between Day Basis and Full Month interest calculation based on payment delays.
  6. Fixed Amount Penalties: Ensure timely payments with fixed amount penalty provisions for overdue payments.
  7. Water Charges Precision: Accurately calculate water charges based on Water meter readings if required.
  8. Versatile Billing Formats: Print bills in Society bill format with a receipt at the bottom. Choose from three different formats available in both A4 and A5 sizes.
  9. Efficient Receipt Printing: Generate separate receipts on small paper with the option for multi-receipt printing.
  10. Communication Excellence: Facilitate Bills Mailing and SMS for both individual and bulk communications.
  11. Swift Member Updates: Utilize the Member update charges screen for quick and efficient updates to members’ charges.
  12. GST Enablement: Enable GST features and apply GST on the required Account heads to stay compliant.
  13. Comprehensive Reports: Access commonly required reports such as Maintenance register, Members Register, Balance O/s Statement, Collection Report, Receipt Register, Share Register, Register (Form I), Nomination Register, and more. Experience a new level of efficiency in housing society management with our comprehensive set of features.”