Are you trying to find a Tally substitute? It would be best to stop your search right now. TallyPrime is a powerful business management tool that gives you the ability to streamline your operational procedures through the use of analytical reporting, precise accounting, easy inventory management, and a lot more. TallyPrime is all-in-one software that is really easy to use and doesn’t require any adequate instruction to get started, allowing you to concentrate on other crucial aspects of your company. 

Besides that, the following are the most compelling 8 reasons to switch from Quickbooks into TallyPrime:


The majority of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SME’s) spend a significant amount of time and energy manually monitoring their accounts. With the recent COVID-19 having a significant impact on these firms and the rising digitalization of every business segment, more companies are searching for cloud platforms to run their businesses. Accounting software, such as the recently released Tally Prime, is quite helpful in assisting them with managing their business in a simple and effective manner. Tally Prime is working to innovate for the benefit of all business owners. With the correct insights, it is modern, custom software that makes running your business lot more organised and uncomplicated.

What Makes TallyPrime So Significant?

Your company is constantly evolving. There are changes in the individuals you interact with, the people you employ, the standards you must follow, and basically how business is conducted with each passing day. In a constantly evolving business environment, it’s critical that your reliable business partner keeps up with the times in order to make your life even easier and free you up to concentrate on your primary objective: expanding your company through the use of splendid innovative products that are designed to boost management productivity.

As part of our ongoing efforts to achieve this, we have gone through every aspect of our product again, considered how to provide the simplest experience possible, and added the following features to make it come to life:

  • Your task will be completed more quickly due to the incredible and simple user experience and new level of simplicity.
  • Flexible and simple design that allows you to make the most of software and use it to its maximum potential
  • A new appearance and feel which will delight you without a doubt.
  • Simple to use and learn
  • Improved user and functionality security for trusted and limited access to corporate data

TallyPrime is designed in such a manner that you won’t frequently need assistance or support to use it the way you need. To fully appreciate Tallyprime’s potential and revolutionize your company with greater effectiveness, you should use it.

Features Of TallyPrime

There are new features that have been incorporated in Tally Prime that will never make you want to get back to any of its older versions. 

Here are some of the top features in the newly introduced Tally Prime: 

The new ‘Go To’ and ‘Switch To’ feature allows you to discover insights and reports which you may not have noticed earlier in the course of your business. This will help to boost efficiency and simplify business management to a great extent.

It also allows you to do multi-tasking as you can switch from one feature to another seamlessly, while keeping a continual track of the previous actions. ? In Tally Prime, magical reporting gets even more insightful with Change View, Basis of Values, Exception Reports that you will find across the accounting software. ?

Features like Data Entry and Recording Experiences has now got more simpler – that makes Tally useful and applicable to various diverse business scenarios completely helping them to plan the growth of their business better. The More Details feature will help you manage all sorts of situations that arises in the business. ? 

With our new Top Bar, Right Bar and more spontaneous navigation mechanism intended to give you a great and simplified user-experience, you will be able to handle transactions in a quick and hassle-free manner helping you to focus on your business operations with ease. ? 

The About Report section is the new one-stop source for all product related information including license, TDLs, connectivity, company data, updates, status of online services and more. 

With a wide range of features, TallyPrime can be your perfect business companion. Here is the list of TallyPrime’s features:

  • Simplified Interface
  • Insightful Business Reports
  • Invoicing & Accounting
  • GST / Taxation
  • Inventory Management
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Multitasking Capabilities
  • Go To feature
  • Access business data Online
  • Secured Data

Here’s How TallyPrime Simplifies Your Day-To-Day Business Operations:

TallyPrime is a complete company management tool that assists companies in handling a wide range of tasks, including payroll, banking, inventory, accounting, and invoicing. TallyPrime’s user-friendly features adapt to your demands and speed up the process of process simplification. With over 2 million businesses rely on TallyPrime across all business tasks, including accounting and inventory control. What else? Here are the 8 characteristics that will streamline your business processes if you switch from Quickbooks to Tally:

Invoicing and Accounting: You can easily create invoices using TallyPrime that look professional and are customized to your company’s needs. What else? The robust accounting system offered by TallyPrime includes a variety of features, including support for many currencies, a customizable order processing system, easy management of receivables and payables, and much more.

Inventory Management: It is one of the most crucial aspects for every small business. You may categorise your stock using TallyPrime into an infinite number of stock groups and categories, including things like product type, brand, size, and more. You may also manage numerous warehouses and view reports on your inventory, like stock ageing analysis, movement analysis, reorder levels, and more, to gain insight into your goods.

GST compliant: You can create GST-compliant invoices, e-way bills, submit accurate GST returns, and more with the help of TallyPrime, a complete GST solution. The software’s prevention, detection, and correction features guarantee that your books are accurate, giving you the peace of mind that any tax returns you file will always be accurate.

User management and security: Maintaining data security and safety is essential for any business. You can build different security levels, specify user level permissions, grant specialised access to particular employees, deactivate users, and much more if you are switching from Quickbooks to Tally.

Business Reports: 400+ comprehensive and personalised business reports will give you 360-degree insights into your company and aid in decision-making. What else? You can also customise reports by cutting and dicing them according to your needs.

Online access: It is essential to have constant access to company data in the quickly changing world of business today. You may access company reports online from any location and using any device thanks to TallyPrime, which also protects the security of your data.

Payroll Management: You can quickly manage staff payroll with TallyPrime, process accurate salaries, and do a lot more.

Multi-tasking: How many times have you been in the middle of creating a sales invoice when you suddenly realised that you intended to view a different report? You may multitask with ease and return to your work with ease when you switch from Quickbooks to TallyPrime.

How To Shift From Quickbooks To TallyPrime?

Shifting your business from Quickbooks to TallyPrime is a seamless process. With our large fleet of partners who are highly trained on product integration, you can quickly shift from Quickbooks to TallyPrime.  Alternatively, if you want to experience TallyPrime, you can get a free 7-day trial that will help you explore the product and see how the software is useful to your business. Alternatively, you can also reach out to our support team to get more insights

So, if you are among the small businesses looking for software to assist with e-invoicing, then look no further. Seek assistance from Gseven and obtain TallyPrime, the best accounting software for all small and medium-sized businesses.