Digitally Signed Invoice

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Digital Signature

To apply Digital Signature in Tally Invoice, we have developed a Tally Add-On.

Now Digitally Sign the Tally Invoices exported in PDF format, which can further be shared via email.

Benefits Of Digitally Signing Invoices

  • Digital Signatures can protect the authenticity and integrity of archived data
  • Big Corporate Offices prefer Digitally Signed Invoices over Print Copies
  • Electronic and Digital signatures are as authentic as hand written signatures
  • Electronic documents can be immediately delivered to recipients over email
  • Companies can have integrated workflow. Signing, transfer, processing of electronic documents can happen within the system itself.

Digitally Signed – GST Compliant Invoices

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is a means of electronically signing documents to verify the authenticity of the person signing. It can be substituted for a physical handwritten signature. DSC is valid only if it created as per the provisions laid down under the Information Technology Act.

As part of Goods and Services Tax (GST) regulations in India, all GST filings that include forms and invoices are required to be digitally signed. This makes digital signatures compulsory for e-filing of income tax returns, e-filing for a Registrar of Companies, online auctions (like e-tenders), challans, consignment notes, delivery orders, etc.​