tally SMS Module

Tally SMS Module

Tally SMS Module is among the most useful AddOns for Tally  to build relationship with customers.
Send SMS from Tally for every transaction.It helps in Brand Building of the organisation and can be used as marketing tool.

Features of SMS Module

  • Sales Voucher SMS
  • POS Voucher SMS
  • Payment Voucher SMS
  • Receipt Voucher SMS
  • Debit Note SMS
  • Send Outstanding SMS Alert
  • OverDue Bills SMS Alert
  • Pending Bills SMS Alert

Why SMS is still best for Communication?

1.     No Internet Dependency.
2.     No smartphone compulsion as it is also readable in feature phones.
3.     Quick and fast delivery.
4.     Very high chances of Reading from Receiver.
5.     SMS is always a trusted and premium messaging.