Tally Prime


TallyPrime is a complete business management software for small and medium business. TallyPrime helps you manage accounting, inventory, banking, taxation, banking, payroll and much more to get rid of complexities, and in turn, focus on business growth.

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Why Go For TallyPrime?

Tally in itself is known for its Simplicity in Usage and Flexibility in adapting business. It offers a distinctive combination of speed and control over the functionalities of the business, yet retaining the simplicity. Trusted remote access, real-time reporting, concurrent multi-lingual capability and power of information management are all the features that make Tally essential for businesses world-wide.

Financing & Accounting

Business software appropriate for SMEs covering Trading, Manufacturing, Distribution and Service Industries. Major Elements: Accounting (Branch-wise, Period-wise), Budgets and Controls, Banking, Turnovers, Analysis, Payroll, Compliance and Scenario Management.

Inventory Management

Be acquainted with the stock ordered, purchased, stored and sold at levels in a detailed report. Grouping and Categorization of stock, Order Processing, Invoicing, Tracking, Multiple Godowns, Stock Consumption, Analysis (Item, Party, Stock Group-wise), Processing the Payment.

Business Management

Stress-free calculations with multiple companies and financial years for owners. Multi-currency accounting is like the cherry on the cake with seamless Cash flows and Reports. Accuracy in percentage-based reporting and interest calculation.

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